MT-10 2019

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Power. Torque. Agility. The MT-10 is the experience you’ve been waiting for. Based on the latest YZF-R1, this new naked is the highest performing MT yet by some margin.
You’ve done a lot of riding, so you know exactly what you want. Serious power with corner-carving precision. And natural ergonomics that mean you can ride anywhere at any time. Because a bike this good should not live in the garage.
Driven by a 998cc crossplane engine tuned for extra low to mid range torque – and rolling on a lightweight ultra-short wheelbase aluminium Deltabox chassis with a natural riding position – the MT-10 gives you ultimate power with class leading agility and total control.
MT-10. Ride it, don’t hide it.
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Engine type

Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve

Displacement (cc)


Bore x stroke (mm)

79.0mm x 50.9mm

Compression ratio

12.0 : 1

Lubrication System

Wet sump

Fuel Management

Fuel Injection with YCC-T


TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition

Starter system


Fuel tank capacity (L)


Final Transmission


Transmission system

Constant mesh 6-speed


Aluminium Deltabox

Front suspension (mm)

Telescopic forks, 120mm travel

Rear suspension (mm)

Swingarm (link suspension), 120mm travel

Front brake (mm)

Hydraulic dual discs, 320mm – ABS

Rear brake

Hydraulic single disc, 220mm – ABS

Front Tyre

120/70 ZR 17M/C(58W) Tubeless

Rear Tyre

190/55 ZR 17M/C(75W) Tubeless

Overall length (mm)

2095 mm

Overall width (mm)

800 mm

Overall height (mm)

1110 mm

Seat height (mm)

825 mm

Wheel base (mm)

1400 mm

Ground Clearance (mm)

130 mm

Wet weight (KG)

210 kg


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CP4 engine tuned for ultimate torque enjoyment

  • The MT-10 engine has been developed directly from the latest YZF-R1’s 998cc in line 4-cylinder crossplane engine that is widely regarded as one of most advanced and exciting designs in its class.

    For ultimate torque emotion for day to day street usage, the engine features a number of significant technical changes that are designed to deliver strong low to mid speed torque, including newly designed intake, exhaust and fuelling systems, as well as an optimised crank balance. These changes have resulted in excellent drive across the whole RPM range with peak torque coming in at 9000RPM.

  • 18f4d8c42e978ddb8d17d5f6c4e61040^^Aggressive mass-forward styling
  • The design of the wide shouldered fuel tank cover with strong angular edges and duct shaped covers, together with the use of compact side cowls and the dual headlight front mask – accentuate the MT-10’s aggressive mass forward silhouette. This characteristic MT family appearance is strengthened by the use of a slim and lightweight tail end and long swingarm that seem to direct attention towards the muscular and athletic front section of the MT-10 and create a sense of dynamism that perfectly complements this new bike’s character.
  • 1247c3dbe62570bc7166cf0270a049ad^^Lightweight aluminium Deltabox frame
  • The MT-10’s chassis has been developed from the chassis used on the new generation YZF-R1 that is widely considered to be one of the most sophisticated and best handling supersport bikes in the marketplace.

    While the YZF-R1 is a full-on supersport bike, the MT-10 is aimed at those riders looking for a thrilling and versatile performance bike that can be used in a range of situations. To enhance the new MT’s all round comfort in typical day-to-day usage, the Deltabox frame has a revised strength/rigidity balance that delivers outstanding handling agility together with class leading controllability and accurate feedback. Featuring a mass centralised design, the new steel subframe comes equipped with the necessary fixtures and fittings to facilitate the fitment of genuine Yamaha accessories.

  • fe238065524885a5311acba700c9e349^^Traction Control System (TCS)
  • To enable the rider to enjoy the power and performance of the MT-10 in different conditions, it comes equipped with a 3-mode Traction Control System (TCS) that can be deactivated if required. The system works by monitoring any slippage in the rear tyre, and when this is detected the YCC-T automatically controls throttle opening, ignition timing and fuel injection volume to restore rear wheel traction for increased control.

    Level 1 has the lowest degree of TCS intervention and is designed for sporty riding, while level 2 is suitable for normal street riding, and level 3 is for use in wet or slippery conditions where rear wheel traction is particularly low.

  • b285b637ee0446b9e9d7a2e5ca370afc^^YZF-R1-derived suspension with revised settings
  • The MT-10’s suspension has been developed from the highly regarded systems used on the latest generation YZF-R1. At the front end the KYB upside down cartridge forks feature 43mm tubes and offer 120mm of travel. The newly developed model-specific settings used on the MT-10 give a smooth and compliant feeling during the initial stroke in low load situations, while at higher loads the front forks give accurate feedback and feel from the front wheel for a high degree of controllability.

    At the rear end the MT-10 is equipped with the YZF-R1-type upward truss type swingarm that pivots close to the machine’s centre to give outstanding straight-line stability. This extra-long high-tech aluminium swingarm operates a KYB rear shock through a bottom link Monocross system, and the MT-10’s suspension settings are designed to utilise the chain tension forces towards optimising driving force and traction during acceleration.

  • 11ca4af8c66a6bbd26671e5113cabf99^^LCD multi function instrument panel
  • To complement the MT-10’s advanced specification, this high performance one-litre naked bike is equipped with a new LCD multi-function instrument panel. The clear and easy to read design includes a digital speedometer, bar display tachometer, fuel gauge, odometer, gear position indicator and more. A shift timing indicator light can be adjusted to suit the rider’s individual preference, and there is a range of pictogram lamps that clearly display cautions, warnings and functions that are in use.
  • 07a7f1fa33f232738252ad60ea5afd83^^Aggressive front mask with dual LED headlights
  • With its angular components and array of small air gaps, the MT-10’s strong and angular face perfectly captures its character: light, high-tech, aggressive, powerful, and more! The menacing dual LED headlights sit beneath a compact mask and flyscreen, and the whole front assembly is mounted directly to the frame to accentuate the feelings of agility and lightness.
  • 176bf037e71e87c0d42155bf3c43550f^^320mm dual front discs with radial mount 4-pot calipers and ABS
  • The MT-10 is fitted with dual 320mm diameter floating front discs that feature radial-mount 4-pot opposed piston callipers with sintered pads. This high-specification design is one of the most powerful and effective systems fitted to a naked bike, and gives the MT-10 rider an excellent balance of controllability together with outstanding braking power. The supersport-class front braking system is matched with a 220mm rear disc with a pin-slide calliper that gives plenty of feel and precise feedback, and ABS is fitted as standard.
  • de4ecb4c4cb9cc5f197cb193e606c1c2^^Cruise control
  • With its natural riding position, high torque engine and sophisticated chassis, the new MT-10 has the potential to cover long distances – and with its accessory-friendly chassis, it can be equipped with a range of Genuine Yamaha Accessories such as a high screen or side bags to prepare you for any journey. For more relaxed and enjoyable riding the new MT-10 comes equipped with a cruise control system that can be activated in 4th, 5th and 6th gears between 50km/h and 180km/h.

    A switch on the left handlebar turns the cruise control on or off, and once it is activated, the Yamaha Chip Controlled throttle (YCC-T) maintains the selected speed of the bike whether riding uphill, downhill or on a level road. Speeds can be increased in 2 km/h increments with a push of the switch, and any setting is automatically cancelled by activating the brakes, clutch or throttle – while the ‘Resume’ switch restores he cruise control to its last-used speed.

  • dcbbca93131a12e8ba42a1688f17da72^^Assist and slipper (A and S) clutch
  • The MT-10’s advanced A and S clutch is similar to that used on the new generation YZF-R1, and its compact and sophisticated design offers a number of advantages to the rider when accelerating and decelerating.

    The key feature on Yamaha’s A and S clutch is its specially designed slanting cam that is located between the clutch boss and the pressure plate. This mechanism augments the force of the clutch springs and consequently allows the use of lower rate clutch springs in the MT-10, giving a much lighter feel at the clutch lever.

    When the rotational torque from the rear wheel is transmitted back to the clutch during deceleration, the slanted cams allow the pressure plate to slip out to some degree, and this allows the clutch to absorb the rear wheel’s back torque to give more controlled deceleration and increased riding comfort.

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