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Slip On Akrapovic Titamium Muffler



-¢ Made of high quality, heat resistant titanium alloys -¢ Exciting sound & design -¢ Weight reduction due to the quality Titanium material -¢ The muffler outer sleeve is made of titanium, while the end cap is made of carbon fibre -¢ Mounting is also possible with original side cases
POWER:       +2.7kW @5400rpm
TORQUE:     +4.7Nm @5400rpm
WEIGHT:       -3.4kg less than stock
Specifications:- Material: Heat resistant Titanium alloys- Certified conformity (CE/T œV/WVTA): EC homologated- Mounting hardware: We recommend to have the exhaust system installed by your Yamaha dealer
This is a non-Yamaha branded product. Fully developed and produced by Akrapovič.                                                                                          

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