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Contact Us:
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Adventure Moto Fuel Bags - 5L Fuel Bladder


The Adventure Moto 5 and 8 Litre Fuel Bags are Fuel Bladders made tough for Australian Motorcycle Adventures. A durable welded fuel-grade bladder is sewn into a ballistic nylon sleeve with webbing daisy chain anchor points and handles.

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ADVM Fuel Bags are Fuel Bladders intended for the temporary transport of liquid hydrocarbons for motorcycle and vehicles used in racing, professional off-road and closed course competition and events. The ADVM Fuel Bag is not suitable for long term fuel storage and as such, It is not a compliant fuel container meeting AS/NZS 2906:2001 (Fuel Containers – Portable – plastic and metal). Easy strap down points and can be used with Giant Loop Pronghorn straps or ROK Straps – SOLD SEPARATELY

WARNING: HIGH ETHANOL FUELS MAY DEGRADE THE INNER BLADDER – Using Ethanol fuel with this product will void your warranty

BY PURCHASING THIS PRODUCT AND FILLING IT WITH FUEL YOU ARE AGREEING TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS LISTED HERE ON THIS PAGE. ADVM FUEL BLADDERS HOLD APPROXIMATELY FIVE OR EIGHT LITRES OF FUEL. YOU MUST TRANSFER YOUR FUEL LOAD INTO YOUR VEHICLE AT THE EARLIEST CONVENIENCE. The fuel bags are collapsible and will roll up or store flat when empty ADVM Fuel Bags have a spout pocket for our optional EZ-Pour fuel spouts, for transfer of fuel into the vehicle, which are sold separately.

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