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 The world’s fastest naturally aspirated watercraft

Yamaha promotes its VXR as a muscle craft. With an all-new, light but strong, NanoXcel2 hull and deck, encapsulating the industry’s biggest displacement 1.8L engine in a production water craft, the VXR certainly flexes its muscles.

Visually, the 2015 VXR is larger and aesthetically more aggressive than the previous model. The striking new deck has edgy lines, integrated wing mirrors, and sporty chrome highlights.

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The VXR also has a glove box at the helm, as well as the main under-bonnet bow storage area for bigger kit, ropes, anchors, towels, dry-storage bags and so on.

But even loaded, and with crew, we reckon the new platform will remain nice and stable. One up, the extra hull length is noticeable in the rear deck area, which is now longer and wider to accommodate passengers more comfortably. You can easily fit a fishing rack/esky here, too.

The big aft platform and revised deeper rear boarding step also aid in re-boarding and with a supplied two hook you might be inspired to try some skating or boarding. Certainly, the three-seater has the torque and seating with which to share in the summer fun.

The VXR now includes an automatic bilge pump and Yamaha’s excellent Command Link digital instrumentation, which seemed easy enough to read in bright sunlight and at-a-glance when underway. We also used the new dual revision mirrors to good effect.

The new RiDE dual-throttle controls are intuitive. The right throttle is acceleration and the left throttle is deceleration. You can use them in concert to slow down, reverse and dock. The system simply places a bucket over the jet nozzle.

There’s nothing more to say about RiDE, except that it would be very hard to go back to a recreational WaveRunner without it. Oh, and the hull doesn’t nose dive when you apply the deceleration lever. It’s a more gradual deceleration action than its rival’s ‘brake’, however.

Back on the trigger, Yamaha says the VXR does 0-50km/h in under 1.8 seconds. In the data supplied to us, top speed is 107km/h at 7400rpm wide-open throttle. At 6000rpm fast cruise, you will see just under 80km/h for a range of about 100nm from the 70lt fuel supply.

If range if your objective, 4000rpm gives the figure you want of 114nm cruising at 33.5km/h or about 18 knots, which we thought was very carefree and comfortable as we toured WaveBreak Island.

The 1.8L engine in the VXR is considered one of the most economical around and if you think 200km range you should be good.  Beyond this eco groove we found the acceleration inspiring from this four-cylinder 1.8L fuel injected VXR. It’s not mind-blowing but it is satisfying.

– It’s racy and lively, but refined and user-friendly to ride and drive
At 348kg, the VXR is quite a lot lighter than its competition, a fact confirmed to us when we staged a virtual weigh-in with competitor inline specs. It’s this power-to-weight ratio that certainly makes the VXR lively and willing to take flight over waves if you want to jump them. Agility was a standout feature in our test.

The torque from this high-displacement engine will be a good thing racing around the cans or against your mates, but also appreciated when riding with family and friends.  It’s a nice smooth four-stroke, four-cylinder DOHC 16-valve engine, a proven performer now fitted with a revised 155mm axial high-pressure pump.

But it’s more the whole package that delivers the goods here.

All the features — RiDE, trim, the new seat and longer hull — meld to create a very agreeable WaveRunner experience.

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Revision Status
Displacement (cc)
Engine Type
Longitudinal In-Line
Engine Stroke
Horsepower @ RPM
Maximum Thrust (lbs)
Carburetion Type
Fuel Injected
Trim System
Not Available
Emission Standard
Standard Emissions
Length ( mm)  – 3350.3
Width (mm) –  1219.2
Height (mm) – 1191.3
Dry Weight (kg) – 347.9
Fuel Capacity (L) –  70
Load Capacity (kg) – N/A
Storage Capacity (L) – 108.4
Number of Seats –  3

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