2015 YAMAHA FXSVHO Cruiser 1.8 Ltr Supercharged


Perhaps Yamaha’s best PWC ever
RIDE -The world’s first dual throttle handlebar control system gives riders precise control of the watercraft for a more confident driving experience.
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RIDE -The world’s first dual throttle handlebar control system gives riders precise control of the watercraft for a more confident driving experience.
In 2015 Yamaha introduced a new engine, the Super Vortex High Output (SVHO), and instantly became a contender for top speed bragging rights. Though it’s based on the existing 1.8-liter platform, the SVHO benefits from a new supercharger design and larger, more efficient intercooler. The oil cooler also boasts a huge jump in efficiency, meaning that power-robbing heat is dramatically reduced. A few more tweaks to the formula, including stronger forged-steel pistons and larger fuel injectors to keep that engine fed, and you’ve got an engine Yamaha promises to deliver 20% more power and a heck of a lot more boost compared to the previous SHO.
It’s a bump that Yamaha arguably needed to compete at the top echelon of the sport. You won’t get horsepower numbers out of anyone anymore, but a little digging reveals the SVHO to be over 250 hp. The performance numbers almost make you suspect more. Peg the throttle and you’ll easily run the boat up to 65 mph and then some. I’ve recorded 70 mph in ideal conditions. Acceleration from a dead start is brutally strong, and more than enough for racing, towing, or just free riding. Along with the obvious engine, credit some of that result to a larger 160mm pump, top-loader scoop grate, extended rideplate, and lightweight NanoXcel hull material. The latter makes its debut in a second-generation formulation for 2015 and, according to Yamaha, sheds an additional 46 pounds from the hull, deck, and liner.
Yes, rejoice those of you who longed for the quick-and-easy response of electric trim. It’s now standard issue, enabling drivers to quickly drop the bow and put plenty of hull in the water during corners, and then get that bow back up and out of the water for high-speed runs. Playing with trim is one of the best ways to truly squeeze the best performance out of the hull, but it also can be used to produce a better ride with a full passenger load. Eliminating the manual twist lever means you’ll no longer fight the force of the pump thrust at speed.
It’s been a big couple of years for the Yamaha FX SVHO, arguably the brand’s premier flagship. Last year, the model introduced a long-awaited, powerful new engine to the Yamaha line. This year, it takes that potent performer and gives it a few new tricks up its sleeve.
The coolest news, however, is the inclusion of Yamaha’s RiDE system. RiDE’s ins and outs have been the subject of multiple reviews this season, but here’s yet another recap. RiDE introduces a second throttle on the left side of the handlebars to control reverse thrust. At slow speeds it’s simple – squeeze the throttle to go forward, squeeze the RiDE lever to back up, release both and you sit stationary. There’s no shifting of gears or momentary lag; each lever instantly translates into thrust in the appropriate direction. Key components in the system are obviously the craft’s electronic control unit and reverse bucket. The latter pivots into the flow of water exiting the pump to produce the desired result. Yamaha also adds a Boat Control Unit, tailored for the weight and response of each individual craft, to fine tune the response and make sure it’s matched to the craft in question.
The storage is located in the bow of the craft which lifts to reveal a large cavity and the fuel cap. The 70-litre fuel capacity should see you through an outing of normal riding. As with any personal watercraft I would always opt to pack my gear into a dry bag to ensure it stays dry. There is another storage bin underneath the last seat that is accessed by lifting the seat assembly. All up there is 126-litres of storage space.
In front of the driving position sits the tilt adjustable handlebars, a small watertight storage compartment and, incredibly, a cup holder that is on the right hand side and will hold a small bottle of water, though not at 120km/h. The handlebar arrangement is comfortable with the grips elliptical rather than round and therefore easier to hold onto. There is no adjustment for width, however, neither rider found a requirement for such. The combination digital/analogue display is immediately ahead of the handlebars and while the analogue readout is easy to see, the digital one is not because of the size of the display figures, making reading anything at speed difficult. The control switches are located well away from the readout, down near the column of the handlebars and the buttons are small and hard to access while riding at speed.
The foot wells are comfortable enough and pop up cleats, which are toward the bow on either side, are standard on this model. The foot well has a grippy foam insert that provides good traction, even when wet. Should you fall off or need to pick up a passenger, climbing onto the craft is as easy as using the rear fold down boarding step and handles which are located at the base of the seat. The handles have been strategically placed making it easy for adults and children to reach when climbing aboard. It is important to note that while it’s a jet and therefore safe, it pays to turn off the engine when climbing aboard otherwise you end up with a jet of water to the face from the telltale, which is an inbuilt safety feature so you can see other riders amongst waves.

Rider Capacity: 1-3 persons
Length: 140.2″
Width: 48.4″
Height: 48.4″
Dry Weight: 833 LBS
Fuel Capacity: 18.5 GAL
Storage Capacity: 33.2 GAL
Glove Box: with Dual Cupholders
Hydro-Turf® Mats: Two-tone
Chrome Accents: ✓
NanoXcel® 2 Ultra-lightweight Hull and Deck: ✓
Automatic Bilge System: ✓
Electronic Bilge: ✓
Engine Type: Supercharged 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, Super Vortex High Output Yamaha Marine Engine
Pump Type: 160mm High-pressure
Fuel Type Recommended: Unleaded Premium
Displacement: 1812cc
Electronic Fuel Injection: ✓
Low-RPM Mode™: ✓
Adjustable Tilt Steering: ✓
Command Link Instrumentation Buttons: ✓
Cruise Assist/No Wake Mode™: ✓
RiDE: ✓
Reverse: incorporated in RiDE with Traction Control
Electric Trim: ✓
Reboarding Step: ✓
Multifunction Instrumentation Panel: ✓
Analog Meter: ✓
Digital Meter: ✓
Dual Mirrors: ✓
Watertight Storage: On dash and under seat
Fast Access Stern Storage: ✓
Tow Hook: ✓
Security Mode: ✓
Remote Transmitter: Dual
Beverage Holder on Dash: ✓

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