Product Number: GSF1250
Price: $10,999.00
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This Suzuki GSF1250SA Bandit is in immaculate condition and promises great value for money. This bike features a four cylinder four stroke fuel injected engine that's 1,255 cubes and 80lbft – that's not far off superbike territory.

And we already know the Bandit 1250 is not bad because it has several years of production not to mention a bit of a cult following behind it. It was first introduced in 2007 to replace the 11-year-old air-cooled Bandit 1200, granddad of the modern naked muscle bike.

The brakes are sharp, with four-pot opposed piston Tokico calipers on the front discs instead of the sliding calipers I might have expected at this price. There’s strong bite at a two-finger pull on the span-adjustable lever.

The bike’s greatest asset is that engine. At 97hp, peak power is in no danger of breaking any records but the Bandit is about big-bore grunt, not peaky top-end. Peak torque is right down at 3,700rpm. It’s delicious between 3,000 and 5,000, lazily fast, with the sumptuous smoothness that characterises in-line-fours. It's not loud but makes a nice, deep four-cylinder sound through that humongous exhaust.   

Peak power is at 7,500rpm so there isn’t too much to be gained by revving all the way to the 9,500rpm red-line. The Bandit will go there, more than happily, but there is no peaky encore after that mid-range, just a smooth, linear rise and plateau of drive.

The bars are also high, and sweep back towards the rider a little, making an upright, very comfortable riding position. Low speed manoeuvres are aided by that natural position while the leverage of the wide bars and a good steering angle help with U-turns. At 825mm, the seat is low enough for an average-height rider to get both feet flat on the ground.  It can be lowered a further 20mm by removing and refitting rubber spacers under the seat, with a screwdriver.   

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